Tested by (relevant) influencers

Reviews of the hybrid models

What was the challenge?

SUPERB iV vs. OCTAVIA iV. Two hybrid models by Škoda Auto. While both needed to be introduced to the already existing audience, they were also expected to approach new target groups. All of that was supposed to happen in the middle of the pandemic, a time during which it was impossible to organize any glamorous events.

How did we tackle it?

We collaborated with two influencers, of which both were highly relevant to the target groups of each of the models. A photographer Jan Řeháček, nicknamed Kopernikk, headed towards the woods with SUPERB iV, while a blogger Tereza Salte, known as Tereza in Oslo, spent one of her usual days with OCTAVIA iV. We accompanied them both and captured their first impressions via our camera. We published the content across Škoda channels and Storyboard magazine, and eventually also on the platforms of the influencers. This increased the chances of approaching new target groups.

What did we achieve?

The opportunity to introduce new models within the context of everyday life of personalities that their audience can relate to. Both Tereza and Jan demonstrated that the right automobile can enrich your lifestyle. The result of such a campaign is both natural and beneficial content – capable of raising public awareness of the brand.

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What are the benefits of having content?

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