Alex Kersten & review on four wheels

Product reviews of the new ENYAQ iV

What was the challenge?

To introduce a new automobile – in the middle of the pandemic and across the market? What a challenge! Journalistic events were impossible. But such a huge novelty in Škoda’s portfolio called for a proper promotion. Not to forget that all of the essential information about the first Škoda electric automobile had to reach (potential) customers.

How did we tackle it?

We collaborated with Alex Kersten, British journalist and the chief editor in Car Throttle, and created a fairly extensive package of over 200 digital assets. It included, among other, 60 second long video-reviews, but also 60 minute long interviews with relevant experts. We then distributed the posts across all digital platforms of Škoda, from Storyboard magazine to various social media platforms, and targeted them based on the different phases of the customer journey.

What did we achieve?

Means of providing the general public with all the necessary information about the new model, and also means of captivating the customer at any phase of the customer journey – no matter whether it’s their first time seeing ENYAQ iV, or they are already its proud owner.

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