Complex businesses easily explained

New web & brand narrative

What was the challenge?

To use semantic analysis of online content to reveal risky situations. That’s the main concern of the company Semantic Visions. Are you unsure of how to understand that? Don’t worry, even the client was aware of the complexity of their business – so they aimed to communicate their services both comprehensibly and attractively.

How did we tackle it?

We created a new website & a brand narrative. They both reveal the benefits of Semantic Vision services – that is, they help you make the most informed decision possible. We divided individual products into categories based on target groups and their needs. We transformed the main message into a visual solution that works with various levels of background sharpness. It shows that you may see the world either a bit blurred, when you would just be wandering about, or you may have enough insight to be fully oriented. UX design was provided by BRAINZ STUDIOS.

What did we achieve?

A solution that is well arranged and original at once. But mainly, the ability to explicitly communicate the value of their services.

More information on Mediář.cz.

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What are the benefits of having content?

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