How to protect children from the risks of the internet?

Safer Kids Online

What was the challenge?

The more children spend their time online, the more threats they may encounter in the virtual world. For parents, the digital environment is often incomprehensible, or they are not familiar with it and do not know how to protect their children from its ever-increasing pitfalls. ESET wanted to offer them a helping hand by creating the Safer Kids Online magazine. The brand aimed for introducing parents to the risks that children can encounter on the internet and providing them with tips on how to talk about online threats even with the smallest ones. Lastly, the client also wanted to show that ESET provides smart software solutions that parents can make use of.

How did we tackle it?

Using analytical tools, we have defined key topics and specific threats that children may encounter online. In cooperation with experts from ESET and a child psychologist Jarmila Tomková, we then created a series of articles, infographics and interviews which are published in 18 countries around the world. They introduce parents to the latest trends in the online world as well as the platforms and technologies that children use on a daily basis. The website offers advice on how to protect children and talk to them about digital safety. Throughout the website’s content, we refer to relevant ESET products, especially by banner advertising and links in the texts.

However, our content focuses not only on the risks and hidden hackers – it also emphasizes the many possible benefits of the internet and social networks. For example, we discussed the increasingly popular app of TikTok, which is often viewed as a distraction, but it can also be an educational tool. As a result, we contribute to intergenerational exchange and mutual understanding. Only when parents understand their children can they advise them on how to surf the internet safely.

What did we achieve?

Together, we succeeded in revitalizing a useful guide that helps both parents and children to navigate the pitfalls and benefits of the online world. Thanks to this, ESET is profiled as a brand that not only sells, but, above all, helps. This also contributes to the audience finding their way to ESET’s products. Compared to the first year, Safer Kids Online portal increased by 125% in traffic. Unpaid traffic increased by 128% in the same period. In addition, the number of downloads of the trial version of the ESET Parental Control product is also higher – by 252%.

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