A new chapter for a small publishing house

Social media revitalisation, campaign management and website optimization

What was the challenge?

It is often that small companies invest most of their efforts in the core of the business, and there’s not much energy left for the marketing aspect. Pasparta, a publishing house that employs people who are on the autism spectrum, has decided to step up their marketing game and implement more than just newsletter campaigns. They have provided us with a budget dedicated to giving their brand and products more visibility. And then, our task was to use it in the most effective way.

How did we tackle it?

We have advised Pasparta on the correct approach to social media, search engines and visuals. We started utilising and managing paid advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and Google, and we are continuously optimising them. We have elaborated on targeting and we have clearly defined the target groups for individual titles, webinars and conferences. Among others, we have focused on educators and parents of children with autism spectrum disorder as we began presenting relevant publications to them. We continuously consulted our steps with Pasparta and gave them useful tips on how to run campaigns or how to bring more visits to the website organically. At the same time, we set up campaign evaluation so that the client knows which metrics to monitor.

What did we achieve?

Turns out that even small changes and a limited budget for advertising can bring immediate results. Paid advertisements have helped us increase the consciousness of the brand among the target groups; mainly parents and educators. For instance, we have contributed to an increase in website traffic. In the first four months of us managing the advertisements, there was a 29% increase in website traffic compared to the previous four months. We managed to reduce the initial cost per click on Facebook and Instagram by 60% during the same period thanks to campaign optimizations and continue to stick to this level. Through Google Ads, we have increased the awareness of Pasparta as an organiser of professional conferences and seminars. The advertising kit focused on these events had an average click-through rate (CTR) of 12%, whereas Google states that the average CTR for this type of advertising lies between 4-6%. At the same time, Google Ads have made Pasparta’s products more visible to institutions whose orders are significantly higher than those of the average reader.

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