Series by Jan Čejka, leading robotics expert of Škoda Auto

Notes of a robotics expert

What was the challenge?

Škoda Auto wanted to encourage employees to actively create content, which the company could then use to promote its employer brand both internally and externally. But they had no idea how this kind of cooperation could work. But how should the company approach employee-generated content?

How did we tackle it?

We created a pilot project with the coordinator of welding shop robotization at Škoda Auto and a leading robotics expert Jan Čejka, who wanted to increase awareness of his field. On the car company’s career blog – run by C3 Prague – we started publishing a series of articles from the world of automatization.


This is how Notes of a Robotics Expert came to life. We create it with the no-coding platform Shorthand. It offers an intuitive solution for creating content using various modules. It allows us to structure the content into clear thematic units and infoboxes and use various transitions, blending and scrolling effects. We use both still and dynamic infographics, which make it easier for readers to understand the information presented.


We use a main hub page to guide the reader to the individual parts of the series. We apply the so-called hub-and-spoke model, which is great for SEO – from one central article (hub), we lead to individual more detailed articles (spokes). This way, Google and other search engines recognize that the articles together form a whole, and that the website systematically creates content on the given topic.


Individual parts of the series also have their own audio version, which allows us the reader to consume content in more formats. In order to reach the international audience and foreign experts of the Mladá Boleslav car manufacturer, all parts are also produced in English.

What did we achieve?

Notes of a Robotics Expert has helped us increase employee involvement in brand communication and set up internal processes so that employee engagement became easier for both parties. The company now knows how to handle content created by employees and use it to create high-quality outputs. We show other employees that they too can share their know-how. The series fits into the strategy of the career blog, where we build the employer brand from the bottom up through employee expertise and stories. Whoever is interested in working for Škoda can thus read about selected Škoda personalities and their projects.


The target audience’s response shows that with the concept of the new series, we hit the nail on the head. Since the publication of the first volume in January 2022, dozens of employees have reached out to co-create articles for the career blog. The increased employee engagement is also evidenced by the fact that users spent an average of four minutes consuming the content and 3% of them subscribed to the newsletter.

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