Series by Jan Čejka, employee of Škoda Auto

Notes of a robotics expert

What was the challenge?

What do most companies dream of? Active employees who create information-packed content and want to present it to the world. But how to turn professional language into something attractive and comprehensible? When we were approached by Jan Čejka, the coordinator of the Škoda Auto welding shops and a leading roboticist, he told us that he would like to raise awareness in his field and publish a series from the world of automation on the car company’s career blog. But first, we had to think about how to present such a complex topic in an entertaining way.

How did we tackle it?

We structured the content into smaller thematic blocks and supported the message with distinctive visual elements. We set the series into the so-called hub-and-spoke model – from one central article (hub), which summarizes the given topic and serves as a “signpost”, we lead to individual but interlinked articles (spokes) that develop specific subtopics in greater detail. This content linking model is ideal from the SEO perspective. Google and other search engines recognize that these articles form a whole and that a website systematically provides content on a given topic. Google then views the platform as an authority in a specific expertise and places the website higher in the search results. It also increases the likelihood of users staying on the site longer and visiting more pages – which Google likes too.

We can also continuously expand the central article with additional links. Moreover, each of the articles has its own audio version and thus we multiply the possibilities of consuming the content. If the users don’t feel like reading, they can listen to the content on their way to work or while jogging.

What did we achieve?

Not only was it possible to fulfill the wish of one of Škoda Auto’s leading experts, but thanks to the series, potential applicants for a job at Škoda Auto can see that real professionals and enthusiasts work at the company. The client has acquired unique content about robotics which is unparalleled in the Czech online environment. In the long term, it shows how attractive technology can be.

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