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Brand relaunch on 12 markets

What was the challenge?

You haven’t heard much about the Subway restaurants? No wonder. In Eastern and Central Europe, people are rather unaware of this American brand. In response to this problem, Subway CEE decided to update its communication and address the needs of its target consumers, i.e., people who are between 15 and 35 years old. At the same time, the brand wanted to promote its new menu, which includes vegan as well as gluten-free products. All of this was supposed to happen across twelve markets, ranging from Latvia to the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

How did we tackle it?

In the Subway restaurants, you can create any sub and combination you desire. However, personalization and customization are now taken for granted and offered by many brands. What if one gets lost in all of the options? The constant need to make decisions can be overwhelming. That’s why in the international campaign, we introduced a different approach, stating that it’s perfectly fine not to know what you want. That you don’t need to have your favourite combination. And that it’s okay to change your mind. Anytime.

What did we achieve?

Over the course of two months, we reached over 13 million unique users across all markets in the CEE region on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify alone. We reached 83 % of the target group, surpassing our estimations by 10 %. The campaign also got 12 million video views on all channels used, including YouTube as well as display and programmatic advertising. Furthermore, the ads brought more than 271,000 clicks to the campaign landing page, where users mostly searched for information on Subway products and particular restaurants.

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