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What was the challenge?

Česká spořitelna was an established retail bank. However, to appeal to demanding corporate clients, it needs to establish itself as a trustworthy expert and a reliable business development partner.

How did we tackle it?

We have assembled a unique editorial team that combines the experience of economic journalists, marketing strategists, and creative advertising content creators. Our ‘newsroom’ produces an economic lifestyle magazine inspired by the bank’s campaign agenda, as well as the long-term goals and preferences of its clients. Compared to several local economy-oriented sources, we often cover new trends months in advance. This is possible not only due to our editors’ expertise but also our constant monitoring of current popular trends.

What did we achieve?

Thanks to relevant content and SEO, we are able to consistently increase the number of visits to the company blog, mainly from unpaid sources. This reduces the blog’s dependence on the media budget. Compared to the first year of the blog’s existence, the number of visits from unpaid sources has increased by 146%, and the number of visits from organic sources has increased by 439%. Additionally, 55% of users return to the site, which is a 13% increase compared to the first year. This demonstrates the benefits of continuous engagement with the target audience, including companies and entrepreneurs. In 2022, we introduced a new section titled Sustainability. We also observed a rise in the number of visits to the expert economics section, which focuses on market analysis – the average number of visits per article tripled within a year. Multimedia content enhances the attractiveness of our work. In addition to the text, we include infographics and informative videos.

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What are the benefits of having content?

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