The most important safety feature is you

Campaign for safer driving

What was the challenge?

Research shows that Škoda is mostly perceived as a family car brand. Therefore, safety should be an essential subject for the company. Until now, Škoda has communicated safety only as a part of product campaigns, or in standalone videos and articles, all the while people were massively searching for questions related to car safety features. That’s why Škoda wanted to talk about safety more often and create content that is both inspiring and useful.

How did we tackle it?

We aimed to elevate safety as one of the main topics of the brand by emotionalizing safety-related content and emphasizing that safety is not only a matter of car features, but it is significantly influenced by the drivers themselves. That was the main focus of our video. In addition, we also created two “how-to” videos and a series of helpful articles to improve Škoda’s authority and searchability within the safety topic. In addition, by updating the Safety landing page on the Škoda website, we assembled all of the brand’s content efforts related to safety in one place.

What did we achieve?

The campaign assets were used in five countries. The main video had 6.5 million views, the “how-to” videos recorded over 1.6 million views and 26,000 engagements across YouTube and Facebook. Almost 3% of users clicked through to the new Safety landing page or to one of the how-to articles.

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What are the benefits of having content?

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