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Career blog for automotive company

What was the challenge?

Future belongs to technologies. The automotive industry gets digitalized as well – so even Škoda Auto is looking for talented IT specialists or technical universities’ graduates. Škoda has a vision – they wish to find a way of how to approach the target group via their career blog. Moreover, they aim to show that working for a car manufacturer is not only about production lines, but also about artificial intelligence or data.

How did we tackle it?

We revitalized the career blog content – filling it with interviews with (not only) IT specialists working in Škoda Auto. Through fieldwork reports, we commenced introducing the most thrilling projects. Furthermore, we opted for an interactive scroll telling layout, which we managed to create via a tool called Shorthand.

What did we achieve?

A place – where you get to know the most fascinating within Škoda Auto. Mainly, they gained the opportunity to approach potential candidates through gripping content. This content is meant to present Škoda as an attractive employer – but also as a company, that shapes the future vision of both cities and automobiles.

The career blog was awarded by Zlatý Středník as the best electronic magazine or blog of 2022 and won 2nd prize in the WebTop100 competition in the Authentic Career Communication category.

Read what Škoda Auto employer branding specialists František Řezníček and Tomáš Geist have to say about our cooperation. Or check out our articles published on the Škoda Career blog.

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