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What was the challenge?

The future belongs to technology. Digitalization is happening in the automotive industry too – so, like other companies, Škoda Auto needs talented IT specialists or graduates of STEM-oriented universities. The company wanted to reach the target audience through its career website and show that working for a car company does not always equal standing at the production line. It can also mean working with artificial intelligence or data.


What is the most natural way to support the employer’s brand, to avoid empty promises and hard-to-believe fairy tales? That’s a tough question. The C3 Prague team handles HR communication really well. They revamped our career blog and now they support our employer brand through authentic stories of employees and their projects. In the articles, they reflect all the values that are essential for Škoda Auto.”

Petra Meliška, head of recruitment and employer branding at Škoda Auto

How did we tackle it?

We revamped the career blog content and updated it with interviews with IT experts from Škoda Auto, as well as other professionals. Articles meet various long-term goals. Through an interview with a talented female technician, for example, we encourage other women to try the technical field themselves. Or, we can use the example of a young family to show that when you work at Škoda Auto, you can balance your professional and family life. Through real-people stories and reports from the workplace, we present projects in line with recruitment goals. If the company is looking for electrical or motor development specialists, we prepare content with relevant respondents. Some of them even write their own articles themselves (see, for example, Notes of a Robotics Expert). We opted for an interactive scrollytelling layout, which we managed to integrate into the website using the no-coding Shorthand platform.


If we want to get people to make a decision as fundamental as changing their job, we have to be authentic and show what our work is really about. You cannot present a person’s story with regular product communication.”

Tomáš Geist, employer branding specialist at Škoda Auto

What did we achieve?

Škoda Career blog is a place that shares people’s stories to profile Škoda Auto as a modern tech employer. We feature specific projects and technologies that you can participate in. We authentically communicate the workplace atmosphere and company values. Rather than interpreting them through empty buzzwords such as dynamic work in a vibrant team, we illustrate everything by actual stories of the employees. We build the employer brand in a natural and credible way. The content also works as an internal communication tool – employees refer other respondents and learn more about their colleagues.


Thanks to relevant content, regular publishing and improved interactive UX, we managed to increase the blog’s traffic by 75% in the first year after we took over, while increasing the average time spent on article by 120%. In addition, each month, the blog drives 310 users on average to the current job listings page, and an average of 370 users subscribe to the career newsletter.


The Škoda Auto career blog won the Golden Semicolon award in the Best Online Magazine or Blog of 2022 category. It also scored in the WebTop100 competition, namely in the Authentic Career Communication category.

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