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Social media & content strategy for glassworks

What was the challenge?

Not a step without social media – every business knows that. But how to communicate comprehensively, unify the visuality of style and enhance the value of crystal treasures – across multiple online platforms and relevant markets? That’s what this legendary glass factory from Karlovy Vary needed help with.

How did we tackle it?

We revitalized the communication on Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram. Through elaborated aiming, we directed the posts at relevant users and markets. We began changing both texts and visuals in a manner that would accentuate emotion and experience instead of the products themselves. Moreover, we managed to revive the blog. We started publishing reports and interviews from within the glass factory premises. We spoke to those who know Moser the best – glassmakers, glass cutters and engravers. We stressed the following: hours of hard work are hidden in each of the Moser’s treasures – which is why the products are so valuable.

What did we achieve?

Communication which the customer may relate to. Also, the opportunity to demonstrate that crystal objects can offer a lot more than only a pleasant spectacle – as they may capture emotions, experiences and memories within themselves.

The relevance of the newly set communication on social networks and the Moser blog is evidenced by improved qualitative indicators, such as the 175% increase in the number of users involved on Facebook and Instagram, or the 121% increase in the average time spent on articles. The revival of the blog, regular updates, and greater social media activity in foreign markets also led, among other things, to a 71% increase in the number of keywords, in which Moser ranks in the top 10 Google search pages.

Discover what we learned about glass while writing for the Moser blog.

Or see how we filmed in the glassworks.

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