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What was the challenge?

Our aim was to emotionalize the brand with interesting content and provide fans and journalists with inspiring stories related directly or indirectly to the brand.

How did we tackle it?

We created a content hub with relevant, emotional, and inspiring stories, helping ŠKODA to showcase its innovative mobility solutions, its unique design language, engaging sports sponsorships, and rich brand heritage.

What did we achieve?

Compared to the first year of the magazine’s existence, the overall number of visits increased by 413%, while the rate of finishing articles grew as well (by 10% only in the last year). Storyboard has built a strong authority, which is evidenced not only by the number of news sites that link to it, but also by the 230% increase in organic search traffic over the past four years. With quality content, we gradually reduce the blog’s dependence on campaign support.

Read our articles on ŠKODA Storyboard.

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What are the benefits of having content?

We create brands with content. audience. reach. relevance. recognition. progress.