Digital Security Guide

International content hub and guide through cybersecurity

What was the challenge?

Protect valuable data? For big companies with dedicated IT departments, it is generally not an issue. But small and medium companies often lack the expertise when it comes to cybersecurity, even though they are the victims of 43% of all cyberattacks (according to Accenture, 2019). And the consequences can be fatal – about quarter of small business end up filing for bankruptcy after being targeted by a hacker.

ESET, an International company based in Slovakia, is developing and selling antivirus and other software technology to large enterprises, small businesses and even end consumers. They decided it’s time to help and educate SMB owners about data security.

How did we tackle it?

We created Digital Security Guide – an International magazine offering practical content for IT Managers and CEOs of small and medium businesses. We inform the audience about cybersecurity trends and threats, data security legislation and useful tips on how to protect your business and train your employees. The articles are accompanied with data infographics, downloadable eBooks, case studies or interviews.

What did we achieve?

Content marketing is a long-term activity, and building content platforms is about continuous, incremental growth. In the first 18 months, the Digital Security Guide has grown at an average rate of 12% per month in terms of organic search traffic.

At the same time, however, content also contributes to an immediate increase in conversions: compared to the first year, the number of downloads of premium content increased by 51% and the number of clicks from articles to product pages increased by 65%.

So far, Digital Security Guide has been adopted by 8 ESET markets for their local marketing needs.

When you write about cybersecurity, you often straddle several disciplines. Read our article on how cybersecurity and psychology are related. You can go through the articles we write for ESET on the Digital Security Guide blog.

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