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What was the challenge?

Protect valuable data? For big companies with dedicated IT departments, it is generally not an issue. But small and medium companies often lack the expertise when it comes to cybersecurity, even though roughly 43% of attacks are directed at them, according to a 2019 study by Accenture. The consequences of an attack can be devastating for small businesses. American organization National Cyber Security Alliance claims that up to 25% of small business end up filing for bankruptcy after being targeted by a hacker. ESET, an international company based in Slovakia which develops and sells antivirus software, decided it’s time to help and educate SMB owners about data security.

How did we tackle it?

We created Digital Security Guide – an international content hub that helps IT Managers and CEOs of small and medium businesses navigate the world of digital security. We offer, among other things, practical handbooks and instructions that can be easily put into practice. The content is created in cooperation with experts from ESET – they constantly monitor new threats, and we pass on their know-how, for example through interviews. We also work with ESET’s international partners, who help us process specific topics – from data backup to cybersecurity outsourcing. We use infographics and case studies to emphasize the importance of effective IT solutions and data security. This way, we can convey the observations in an attractive and comprehensible manner. We offer relevant and reliable content, backed by the expertise of ESET experts, without them having to create anything themselves. Our articles are not primarily focused on promoting ESET products – we link to them secondarily, for example using banners. We naturally profile ESET as a brand that knows the needs of IT specialists well and is ready to help. Anytime and anywhere.

What did we achieve?

We have created a place where IT professionals can find everything about current events in digital security. Keeping up with all the trends is a chore – and we make it much easier. At the same time, ESET acquired a long-term content platform that is continuously developing. Compared to first year, traffic from organic search increased 12 times. In the same period, the average monthly traffic of articles increased by 393%. Content also contributes to an immediate increase in conversions: compared to the first year, the number of downloads of premium content increased by 54% and the number of clicks from articles to product pages increased by 27%. Digital Security Guide is currently available in 11 global markets, including the UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Brazil and Singapore. Individual markets are involved in the creation of the content and they can adapt it according to their needs. From Prague and Bratislava, we send cyber-security content to the whole world.

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