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Communication campaign based on a book

What was the challenge?

Car manufacturers sometimes struggle to ensure that the new designs age well. Is it possible to create a style that would be timeless and attractive for years to come? And how can ŠKODA reach an educated, design-oriented target group of influencers?

How did we tackle it?

In the digital age, it may seem unconventional to launch a communication campaign with a book. But that is precisely what we did. We created “brand diaries” for the entire company as well as a glossy book about ŠKODA’s involvement in ice hockey and in the winning of the World Rally Championship.

A book is always a statement, especially if it’s stylish. The series “Driven by Design” – with several volumes in different formats and many languages – stands as a proof of that.

What did we achieve?

The prestigious Content Marketing Award for Best Corporate Book of 2018 for WE LOVE HOCKEY and the Reddot Award in the Publishing and Print Media category.

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