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Video series about smart shopping

What was the challenge?

The most valuable thing within shopping? Knowing how to perform it effectively –⁠ no wasting money, food nor time. We aimed to show that hypermarkets can do a lot more than only selling things –⁠ they can help and lead you on your way towards better eating.

How did we tackle it?

We asked the winner of the amateur bakers’ competition Peče celá země, Petra Burianová. As a mother to five children, Petra abounds with various tips on how to consider grocery shopping and safe time in the kitchen. Together, we filmed a series of 6 episodes. We covered things like why and how to freeze food, how to keep food fresh, or how to stockpile. We placed the videos together with accompanying articles and published them all on our hypermarket blog.

What did we achieve?

Beneficial content. It shows that Globus is capable of offering a lot more than shelves filled with food –⁠ Globus can help. It stands not only as a seller, but also as an adviser.

The series got nearly 1.400.000 views on YouTube
The average maintenance level on YouTube was 76%
‘Petra Burianová’ ranks among the first 10 search results on YouTube

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