Sometimes, we need a hug. What else did numerology reveal about C3 Prague?


Sometimes, we need a hug. What else did numerology reveal about C3 Prague?
Eliška Bruknerová, Veronika Thor

Not only does our team member Eliška come up with sophisticated strategies for clients, but she also devotes herself to numerology in her free time. She simply loves numbers! So, she investigated the charts to see what they had to say about the team of C3 Prague. And even if most of us share a skeptical view on similar interpretations, we must admit that this numerological characteristic fits us quite well! Default number? May 16, 2016, when C3 Prague was officially established.


Life Path number: 3

Number 3 symbolizes high intelligence, rich imagination, creativity, and great teamwork. It is the most communicative of all numbers and it can awaken creativity in other people as well.

True! Our imagination is so big that we can even time travel. Read the story of how Veronika once traveled to the year 1800

However, we should not let our guard down too easily. The charts reveal that we should be careful about the people we choose to trust and pick our friends wisely. Sometimes, C3 Prague can be too critical of others. And when are we at our best? When stress stimulates our performance. 

The pandemic was super stressful! Yet our heads were still full of ideas – and great ideas at that! The online reviews of the Enyaq iV electric car which we prepared for Škoda Auto were an unprecedented success.

Day number: 16

Number 16 symbolizes our desire to fight for the rights of the weaker party and stand up against discrimination. Those with 16 as their Day number are strong, persistent, and free-spirited leaders. According to the numerological charts, C3 cares deeply for its loved ones and is very responsible towards them. We may sometimes have trouble following the rules… But that happens only when they are too dogmatic!

At the same time, the numerological analysis revealed that C3 Prague is deeply committed to its systematic research and can push the boundaries of knowledge. However, we can occasionally be vulnerable and fear abandonment. And above all: sometimes, we need a hug.

But we can, at least, hug a tree.

Thank you, Eliška! In short, we have it calculated.

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