A glass factory at dawn

A glimpse inside the Moser glassworks, where we shot the spots for MyMoser configurator.


A glass factory at dawn
Veronika Čáslavská
While the city is asleep, the glass factory Moser in Karlovy Vary is slowly waking up. Glassmakers launch into their duty at around six in the morning. And we find ourselves standing by their side – trying to capture the precision and strength of each of their movements. Being astonished by such a scene, we observe how they lift the bells filled with heavy base glass up to their mouths. We record short spots through which we introduce not only the configurator MyMoser, but also the exacting handicraft hidden behind each crystal object.

Together with our guide – a young engineer Martin Prokeš – we successively go through all corners of the factory. Attracted by the sensational smell of fresh wood as we are, we stop at one of the mould shops, where mould men introduce us to various planes or the so-called drawings according to which they outline the object’s shape and measurements onto the wooden surface. Each drawing must be precise, so that the final mould can be its exact image. Only then can the glassmakers blow the perfect work into the mould.

On the first floor of the glassworks, we encounter incredible concentration. Among other things, oroplastics, which mainly adorn drink collections, originate just here. The glassworks even patented the method at the beginning of the 20th century. Oroplastics are often finished with 24 carat gold – a genuine piece of art. “I’ve been working here for twenty years, it’s all about practice,” responds one of the decorators to our curiosity over how is it possible to apply gold so fast. 

Performance of the cutters is similarly admirable to watch. They form the glass objects into their final shapes – creating sharp edges, for example, which very effectively refract light. Cuts in general may be matt, shiny, diamond-like… Nevertheless, it’s time to proceed now, as our heads are spinning from all these options and wheels around us.

Certain products are eventually adorned with engravings and the engraving workshop is our last stop. “Would you like to give it a go?” one of the factory’s engravers, Tomáš Lesser, invites us. Because he is a truly skilled worker, Tomáš was awarded a French title Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2020. And so we take a seat, pick a glass in the shade of rosalin, and launch into work. However, the engraving instrument doesn’t seem to work as we wish. Instead of straight lines, our glass product is covered by squiggles. Our hands are shaking, after a while they start to hurt – this is simply not like typing on the keyboard. Therefore, we return to what we can do better – video shooting. We eventually leave the glass to the real masters.

Configurator MyMoser & C3 Prague

Together with the cameraman Radim Střelka, we filmed a series of short spots within the Moser premises in order to create a campaign for the online configurator MyMoser – through which you may imprint your own values straight into one of the crystal treasures. Or create gifts that capture the power of friendships and relationships you care about. We’ve ensured all-embracing communication across social media for Moser since the spring of 2021. Nowadays, we manage their blog content too.

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