A series of articles for parents on the Škoda Auto career blog

How to support children’s relationship to STEM?

What was the challenge?

Škoda Auto is the largest tech employer in the Czech Republic, and as such, the company believes it has a responsibility to contribute to the STEM literacy of future generations. This time, Škoda wanted to target a completely new audience: parents of children in the first grade of elementary school, a social group that has a fundamental influence on children’s motivations and choices. Parents can also help their children in finding their path to maths, physics, and other subjects. Škoda Auto was looking for ways to reach this target audience and encourage the youngest generation to develop a positive relationship with various STEM disciplines.

How did we tackle it?

We have created a seven-part series of articles which was published on the Škoda Auto career blog, a website we have been taking care of for quite some time now. The series is full of valuable content for parents, including not only tips on exercises or maths problems, but also a psychological perspective: we deal with motivation, ways to build self-confidence, or the ability to accept one’s mistakes. All content was created in consultation with a child psychologist and a number of experts from various fields, including technological literacy, school directors, and other partners, who also help us spread the articles through their channels. Most parts of the series also include premium content, which we make available in exchange for a subscription. This way, we can collect contacts of parents and work with them over the long-term.

The different articles can be accessed from an apprehensible table of contents which will guide you to the individual parts of the series. We applied the so-called hub and spoke model, ideal from the SEO point of view – from one central article (hub), we lead to individual, more detailed articles (spoke). These are connected to each other through links. As a result, Google and other search engines can recognize that the separate pieces form a whole and that the website is systematically devoted to content on the given topic. Google then perceives the platform as an authority for the specific expertise, and places it higher in the search results. Additionally, it increases the likelihood that users will stay on the site longer and visit more pages – which Google likes too. This series is also a pilot for larger projects that are being prepared for the following years. Through them, Škoda Auto wants to start systematically supporting children in STEM education.

What did we achieve?

We managed to create a pilot project that addresses a completely new target group. Content of this type and scope, sponsored by a specific brand, is something entirely novel in the Czech environment. The series Path to Technology supports the image of Škoda Auto as an authority in the field of STEM education, which the brand perceives as its social responsibility. Through useful content, it helps children not to be afraid of the different STEM disciplines, and maybe even find their future in the field – for example, in the Mladá Boleslav car company.

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