Utility as a compass in
rough times

Usefulness as your guide through tough times - C3 Prague Blog

Crisis may represent an opportunity for marketing and brand building. All it takes is to know what has the greatest value in communication. Coming back to the very origins of marketing works –⁠ as the pandemic showed us, after all.

Content marketing. Two words, countless meanings. What is its role? The answer is not simple, as there are various definitions and interpretations. The pandemic was the right time to ask: how valuable is communication for the customer and how may we personify it within the content?

While thinking about content, a simple rule may be of help: content marketing is a type of communication that, in itself, ought to be beneficial for its audience. Therefore, its most significant value resides in enriching, helping and educating people. Owing to the utility, there originates a bond between brands and people –⁠ thanks to which the latter grow to be customers.

Move fast and repair things

During the pandemic, utility proved to be an imaginary compass for those voyaging through the stormy waters of media. It was a great opportunity to utilize the progress in the technology of aiming and recognizing the audience’s interests. For instance, in the form of practical and positive information that made life in quarantine much easier, as it didn’t evoke feelings of panic and fear. Daily, our readers prove to us that this approach is necessary. Even during the pandemic, a great interest in well-structured articles emerged – ⁠the posts had a 30% larger organic reach than usual.

Crisis as an opportunity

In uncertain times, the clients often cease to communicate, since they don’t know how to respond to the situation. However, there may be an opportunity within the crisis –⁠ the opportunity for brand building. This has been proved by several studies which aimed to analyse the phenomenon of communication during the financial crisis – companies that adjusted their marketing to the latest happenings and offered relevant information gained an advantage within the competition.
The contemporary pandemic crisis also represents a great potential. Interaction with content is increasing, while the volume of brand communication is on the decrease. In other words, people consume the media content a lot more, but the number of attractive brands is getting smaller.

During the pandemic, content may be helpful not only to brands, but also to people. How to achieve that?

  1. Use data to find out what people’s needs are.
  2. Define the strengths of your brand.
  3. Find out how those strengths fit in the existent context.

You may begin today

Try to look for insights and ideas more innovatively. Based on these, create meaningful content –⁠ from blog and social media posts to television spots. Embark on searching for various methods, processes or instruments that may enable you to approach communication systematically. Ideally, adopt those for daily practice. Be clear about what your brand stands for and work with up-to-date data. This is the only way to connect your audience with your content –⁠ content that they will appreciate.


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