How to boost interest in the brand on a long term basis? Put money into content marketing

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Using content to either build up your brand in the long term, or boost your conversions in the short term? And why not both? Our approach to content marketing interconnects those two with one another.

Why is it worth investing in content marketing on a long term basis?
How may content marketing be helping on a short term basis?
Bank or automotive sector. Those two sectors present demonstrative examples –⁠ within them, sales processes take longer and customer journeys are more complex. Moreover, both online and offline touchpoints are meeting with one another. If your business finds a place within similar sectors, content marketing is crucial –⁠ mainly in the middle and higher levels of the funnel. In other words, content marketing is critical when you aim to boost both the interest and considering of your brand.
In such cases, content marketing requires time and initial deposit, as both may guarantee high-quality content and promotion. The results are coming gradually. How long does it take the blog to pay for itself?

Quality content deserves quality promo

In the beginning, content must be subsidized by the media budget. Although, according to the results of our platforms, the media spend drops –⁠ in the third year, it is 40% less than it used to be in the first one. So, the unpaid traffic repays your investment in the promotion.
Since this point, the promotion expenses are getting lower and lower, as the blog functions mostly on its own. Moreover, the unpaid traffic is proved to be of higher quality than the paid traffic. In other words, people that find your content on their own, it doesn’t matter if through Google, Seznam or others, get to spend a lot more time on your platform –⁠ they finish reading your articles and keep coming back. And not to forget a higher conversion probability.

How to ensure your blog’s investment to be paid off as soon as possible?

Here’s a couple of tips.

1. Keep publishing new content

Ideally, you should begin with a ‘starter pack’ of a few articles. Mainly the search engines appreciate that. Also, kind of a mini-campaign could be useful –⁠ it attracts a broader range of users to your blog. Subsequently, fix a publishing rate and stick with it. Both your readers and Google appreciate that, as the latter values freshly updated websites a lot more. The following equation is more than valid here –⁠ together with the increasing volume of your content, also increases your authority among the search engines, your traffic and the users’ interaction with your content.

2. Write about what your readers are interested in

Your content ought to be inspired by the needs of your readers –⁠ potential customers. Through your content (ideally through your product), you may be offering solutions to their problems and other issues. You may also create the so-called wiki content, meaning encyclopaedic content –⁠ through ceratin entries, it answers the most common questions of the users. Don’t be afraid to employ something more of a lifestyle character, which is that kind of content not really related to your product –⁠ as its purpose is to compete with other media’s content.

3. Become an expert on a certain topic

If regularly creating content related to certain topics, the search engines’ algorithms will value your platform as an expert within that certain field. Also, once people start looking at some relating links, the search engines will place your platform higher within the search. Through this, you may considerably increase the organic traffic. Thanks to the increasing authority of yours, you may boost the number of websites somehow relating to your content, together with their traffic as well.

4. Promote the blog as much as you can. Mainly at its beginnings

It’s not going to work without this. According to the plentifully used metrics called ‘share of search,’ brand campaigns (including content promotion) lead to the increase of the search volume of a certain brand or topic. As a result of this, even the organic traffic gets indirectly boosted. Content promotion is crucial mainly right after the platform’s activation –⁠ but regular content promotion in the following months also means great help.
Organic search comprises a core part of the unpaid traffic (around 50-60%). The expected increase of the traffic pace, coming from the organic search, proves the stated pieces of recommendation valid. During the second year of the blog being in function, it increases 11.5x (in comparison to the first 6 months) –⁠ that’s even more dynamic than in the case of the entire unpaid traffic.

If following the abovementioned, your content platform becomes self-sufficient –⁠ approximately 2 years after its activation. Moreover, it begins earning money for you. It attracts the majority of traffic for free. The users will keep coming back –⁠ and such traffic is both quality and relevant for your brand. From this point, there’s only a little step remaining –⁠ the step towards quality leads and conversions.
Are shorter customer journeys a lot more common within your sector? Read about how content marketing may contribute to the immediate delivery of both leads and conversions.


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