Brand narrative and Content strategy

Content strategy, brand narrative and blog for Globus hypermarket - C3 Prague case study

How can a hypermarket brand be helpful?


We believe that brands should act and communicate in a way that would bring something useful to customers’ lives. Usefulness is the key to the brand narrative we established for the largest hypermarket in the Czech Republic. But how to channel that narrative not only in the online communication, but also in leaflets, television, and radio spots? And how to build the brand on it in the long run?


We interlinked traditional advertising with helpful content. We regularly publish articles on Globus online blog advising customers on how to shop and store food supplies in a smart way.
When searching for relevant topics, we relied on social listening and provided answers to the questions people are searching for. In addition to online articles, we also included useful tips in Globus catalogues and TV commercials. We tied all the knots and put together a system in which campaign communication is supported by long-term content. Brick by brick, Globus is building its reputation as a relevant and helpful source of information.


With content based on people's real needs and questions, users come to the blog on their own and we don't have to push them there solely through advertising. In the first year of the blog’s existence, its unpaid traffic increased by 83%.

Regularly published content also helped to increase the number of keywords in which Globus ranks in the top 10 of Google search pages by 32%, which contributed to a 64% increase in organic search article traffic. Our most successful content, the safe coronavirus shopping guide, has received over 50,000 visits.


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