Who we are and how we work

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Who we are and how we work
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How can you get attention on the market? One way to do it is through well-thought-out content. For our clients – companies and brands from various sectors – we create content that corresponds with actual people’s needs. Each of us uses our own personal expertise in our work to bring the highest quality possible without compromise. Be it strategists, editors, graphic designers, or analysts. Then, we deliver the content to the right points of contact.

In today’s online environment, the amount of content and its creators is ever growing. At the same time, new the ways of reaching out to the audience are being identified. And we are on the search for ways in which a brand can assert itself.

What has worked for us:

  • Putting emphasis on identifying topics which lead to forming necessary brand associations
  • Processing and utilising these topics across the online world. Always in accordance with the specifics of the given communication platforms.
  • Coming up with content strategies that are data-based and have predictable and measurable results.
  • Considering strategy both in the context of a long-term plan and in relation to managed agility indicators and processes.

Whether we are focusing on long-term brand building or on improving immediately measurable conversions, our approach (with varying degrees of differences) looks like this:

Market segmentation and value proposition

We realise that we are responsible for the attention that the audience pays to our communications. That’s why we prepare thoroughly for contact with the audience. We focus on understanding long-term human needs, the specifics of a given moment and place. Only this way can we offer content that engages and helps. The approach varies fundamentally according to the goal we wish to achieve.

For example, when:

  • we want to reach out to potential employees and fill technical positions in a car manufacturing company. The blog Škoda Career helps with that.
  • we want to educate parents on cybersecurity and advise them on ways to protect their children from the dangers of the internet. We communicate this topic through the Safer Kids Online magazine which we are creating for ESET.

Topic research and attention scoring

Online media is becoming fragmented. At the same time, the amount of data on user behaviour is growing and the frequency of user interactions with content is increasing. Evaluating this data is becoming more challenging as well as defining insights for content creation. That’s why we are working with our own metrics; they help us determine how to formulate topics and analyse their success rate.

Ecosystem design and user journeys

When we are focusing on long-term content and its evaluation and optimisation, we need to look at all touchpoints in a comprehensive manner. We work comprehensively with the content, too. We proceed on the basis of a realistic model of user journeys or a decision-making process. We consider all communication activities of the client and their ecosystem.

Search optimisation

To give content visibility and increase the website traffic or e-shop sales, all content and the web itself must be optimised for search engines. In the long term, organic search should become one of the main sources of website traffic, which will allow for a gradual reduction in investment in content support.

Find out more about the importance of creating content long-term and how to decrease the percentage of paid website traffic.

Sending a message and content creation

All of our output needs to be valuable to the audience. From textual communication and visual content to advertising concepts. We don’t fill the space with empty words. On our team, there are journalists and linguists who know just how to build up engaging and thought-provoking stories even in the most complex fields. The audience then gladly dedicates their time to them.

Audience development a community management

We’ve got a responsible approach to content creation and to working with users who interact with it. We transform brand values and a strategic approach into tonality and communications. Subsequently, not only do fan groups begin forming around the topics, but also vibrant communities.

We have caught the attention of automotive enthusiasts with our reviews of the ENYAQ iV model for Škoda Auto.

Performance and media buying

It is becoming more and more difficult to gain organic reach. And even if you’ve got it, it is a good idea to boost your brand presence, content visibility or e-shop sales through advertising. Social media, PPC or display; we know how to plan, buy, and optimise. And, of course, we know how to evaluate the success of your communications, including determining the most suitable KPIs.

Reporting and optimisation

With insight as the stepping stone, we proceed with content, evaluation and optimisation. Ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times. From initial small victories, we progress to increased gains over the course of months and years.

The global content hub which we are creating for Škoda Auto is receiving attention as well as awards.

Give your brand a story and increase your reach. Get in touch with us.

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