Meet the C3 Prague team

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Meet the C3 Prague team
C3 Prague
Why the three Cs? Because in 2016, we were established as part of the European network of content agencies, C3 Creative Code & Content. This agency network belongs to the German Hubert Burda Media Holding. We share the floor with the Prague branch of this well-known media house in the Luxembourg Plaza office building at Flora, Prague, and we also collaborate more and more frequently. Our team consists of almost twenty members and works as an independent content and strategic agency within the Burda International CZ publishing house.

At our agency, every project starts off with a well-thought-out strategy. We put emphasis on data and analytics. We want to create content that people are genuinely interested in, which is why we research their interests in detail. As soon as it comes to executing a project, we rely on our journalistic skills, among others. Our team features degreed journalists as well as other media experts, including audio-visual media.

“We believe that our work can bring added value both to the requester and the audience. We set ambitious goals for our company! We strive to be the best at creating modern content strategies and to always come up with innovative formats.”
Pavel Trnka, Managing Director

For our clients’ content platforms, we write and film interviews, do (ideally on-location) reports, or prepare shorter articles such as social media posts. We work with more traditional marketing formats, too. In such cases, we write scripts for video clips and create voiceovers. Whatever the task is, we approach is with utmost responsibility and we aren’t afraid to deep dive into it. No rushed, half-finished deliverables; we stand firmly behind our work. We never hesitate to go the extra mile and we believe that our projects are a reflection of that.

“The people at C3 Prague are enthusiastic, hardworking, and not burnt out. Each one of us really enjoys what we do. This is a team that strives for excellence and stands behind their work. I believe there is almost nothing we couldn’t handle.”
Magda Kudějová, Account Director

Our clients come from various segments, and our work is just as diverse. We are covering design on one day, and then it’s books, cyber security or the automotive industry on the next. We continuously optimise the content we create to keep it relevant for the target audience.

“I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that our job offers. Each of us is responsible for their part, and we can rely on one another. It doesn’t matter when, where, or how you work, the final product is always done by the deadline. There is no stress here that would stem from lack of trust.”
Daniel Libertin, Strategy Director

Each one of us is a deep thinker that is immersed in their own topics. And what about our hobbies? The list includes modern art, contemporary Czech novels, microbreweries, archaeology, sewing, portrait photography, cycling, hiking, football, music – all of us enjoy this one, as demonstrated by our pleasantly extravagant office playlist. Rather than a group of party people, we are intellectuals (in the good sense of the word!) who prefer the occasional philosophising over a pint of craft beer over going out partying daily. We form a small team and maintain open communication. Everybody knows about everything that is happening within C3 as well as what projects everyone else is currently working on.

“We are in no way an agency made up of eccentric people that attend one party after another. I would rather describe us as mature professionals who care about performing well. However, that doesn’t mean that we are boring! On the contrary, our sense of humour is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss out on.”
Veronika Čáslavská, Head of Content

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