A car factory bigger than Monaco. What did we take away from our tour at Škoda Auto?

Seventeen canteens?! Join us on a guided tour of the largest Czech company.


A car factory bigger than Monaco. What did we take away from our tour at Škoda Auto?
C3 Prague
We dress up in the yellow reflective vests and put on headsets to listen to the guide’s commentary. The gates of the Škoda Auto plant are opening up and we are off to get to know one of our biggest clients better once again. Among other things, our collaboration with the Mladá Boleslav car manufacturer lies in us creating content for their career blog, featuring stories about the employees and their projects. There will be no shortage of engaging narratives today, either. “Did you know that the Škoda Auto plant covers an area larger than Monaco?” asks our guide, Lukáš, immediately grabbing our attention. What other trivia did we learn during our visit?

Jakub, Graphic Designer

“It’s not a chicken with an eye or an arrow. It’s an Indian feather headdress! Everybody sees something a little different in the Škoda Auto logo, but our tour guide has set everything straight. The car manufacturer recently revamped its entire identity and it’s now being applied across the entire company. The new colours, and especially the fresh “electric green”, are a great move in my eyes!”

Veronika, Head of Content

“Seventeen canteens, and each with a slightly different menu! There is something for everyone here, the selection would be enough to create a new gastromap; and there are vegetarian and vegan options, too. A good lunch is then best washed down in the Dřevák (‘Clog’) bistro, found just outside the plant’s gates. Opening hours: 6:00 to 23:00. Review by Pavel K. from the Beer Diary website: The only real pub in Boleslav, a bistro full of beer and hard liquor. It would be a pity not to visit!”

What kind of content do we create for Škoda Auto?

The career blog shows that working in this car manufacturing company is about far more than just spending long hours at the assembly line. Here, you can get your hands on the latest technology, and you take part in defining the future of mobility. We create the content in collaboration with the employees – some of them even write the articles themselves. For example, the leading roboticist Jan Čejka.

The Storyboard Magazine is dedicated to all automobilism enthusiasts. We focus on the history of Škoda Auto and detailed analyses of new models. For example, we prepared a series of reviews of the first Škoda electric car, Enyaq iV.

We are also working on Škoda Edu, a new educational portal which aims to help to open the doors to technology for children. We started off with a series for parents, in which we show how even the smallest ones can be inspired to studying Maths, Physics, and other related subjects.

Anna, Social Media Specialist

“To help identify cars in individual phases of manufacturing and limit paperwork, the employees are now sticking QR codes on them. This allows them to find all necessary information in digital form. A similar system is now starting to be implemented at cemeteries, too! You stick a QR code on the gravestone and once you scan it, you will be shown a profile of the deceased. Whew, I will never forget about this comparison. And I will definitely check on this during my next walk through the Olšany Cemetery, which is right next to our offices.”

Daniel, Head of Strategy

“Robots in the press shop, that’s like slow TV in real life. But make sure to bring your ear plugs! I was also fascinated by Škoda car models which never made it into serial production. I enjoyed the contrast between the legendary Škoda Superb from the 30s and Škoda Favorit. When you look at these two side by side, you can’t help but wonder where the design was headed.”

Nikola, Social Media Account Manager

“Speed, accuracy and precision – that’s the definition of the Škoda Auto plant. Everything is calculated to the second. Oh, and the surrounding tradition! I was intrigued by the story of Laurin and Klement, the forefathers of the brand, who became partners by chance – but of course, over a beer. They started out with bicycles and motorcycles… That’s enough of spoilers, though. I encourage you to pay a visit to the museum yourself, too!”

Simona, Account Manager

“The guide was really passionate about the subject! I didn’t expect to learn so many interesting facts. For example, about automation, which makes production even more efficient. At the same time, I was taken aback by the extensive changes that the adoption of the Euro 7 standard would bring, and the complications it would cause for Škoda Auto’s supply chain, which is made up of thousands of entities. Oh, and also the fact that Škoda Tudor has nothing to do with the Tudors – the car only has two doors, hence the name!”

How many enthusiasts are working for the Mladá Boleslav car manufacturer? “We only found out through the content created by C3 Prague,” say the two employer branding specialists, Tomáš Geist and František Řezníček.

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Klára, Editor

“There is a high school on the premises, where almost no one wants to learn German, despite the fact that the company is part of the German Volkswagen Group. However, the company’s official language is English, so it is understandable. I was fascinated by the rhythmic nature of the press shop. Transferring the sheet metal, the pressing, the scraps falling off –everything is happening with perfect regularity thanks to the robots. Truly a visual treat and beautiful rhythmical noise! Perhaps this will be my next background for writing longer texts?”

Karin, Graphic Designer

“Every minute and five seconds, two new cars are produced here. That’s an impressive rate! In the museum, you will find models which have the worth of several houses today. For example, the Superb from the 30s – an incredibly elegant matter. I also like the approach to efficiency here. Some Škoda models use car parts from the VW Group, which you will also find in a Seat, for example. At the same time, every car is made up of hundreds of parts. It’s a tricky puzzle!”

Vojta, Editor

“The evolution of the entire company is reflected in the evolution of cars. All the pioneering technological milestones, the first-republic glory and elegance, the grey of the normalisation era, and the bold visions of the near future. I never realised how strictly were the colours of vans for health care and various institutions and sectors determined during the communist era. Red, for example, could only be exported. This is something I will definitely recall when buying a new car!”

Upon our return to Prague, we toasted the glory of Czech automobilism in the Vinohrady based Výčep. We enjoyed the sweaty glasses of Dašice lager together with goulash, fried cauliflower and other local delicacies. This Friday was simply all dedicated to domestic traditions! Including a slight postgastral dementia…

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